About the Association

The Association

The Johnsonville Community Association was formed in October 2012.

Our purpose is to represent all residents of Johnsonville and Raroa.

We do that by:

  • working for safe, affordable and reliable public services
  • protecting the environment through planting native flora in designated areas
  • working with Local Bodies to improve recreation facilities alongside our increasingly intensive housing
  • connecting residents to enhance community well-being, appreciation of cultural diversity and shared resources


Meetings are a great place to meet locals seeking to improve Johnsonville, and the best place to find out what is really going on with local issues. City Council Northern Ward councillors often attend, and occasionally Mayor Justin Lester (a local) drops in. WCC liaison staff or officials attend as required.

  • When: JCA meets at 7.30pm on the last Wednesday of every month. Our meetings usually finish by 9pm, but you’re welcome depart earlier.
  • Where: We usually meet in the Johnsonville Community Centre, Room 2 (ground floor, to the right past reception). Sometimes there’s a change, so please check the notice board on the way in.


Ordinary Members: ALL MEMBERS of the Johnsonville community — residents, business owners, clubs, societies — are automatically deemed ordinary members of Johnsonville Community Association, entitled to attend and participate.

Financial Members: Any ordinary member may pay a subscription of at least one gold coin per year and thereby acquire the right to vote at any meeting. Please email us for a copy of the upcoming agenda, or to get on the mailing list.

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