What’s Important

What’s important for Johnsonville, according to the people of Johnsonville in the our survey of almost 800 local people in 2014:

Built Environment

  • New Library
  • Redeveloped or New Shopping Mall
  • New public green space in central Johnsonville
  • Safer pedestrian access and better traffic flow
  • Cinema


  • Underground of all utilities (incl. cabling & broadband)
  • Integrated Public Transport – to get to work easily, quickly and cheaper than driving.
  • Enhanced park-and-ride services – to maintain liveability and make it easier to like public transport
  • More responsive street maintenance services – prompt responses and appropriately directed
  • Better services for senior citizens & youth – an older persons services coordinator, and make sure there’s enough for our youngsters to do

Recreation and Culture

  • Improve recreational cycle-way – encourage recreational cycling and improve non-highway access south to the CBD
  • Recreation centre (indoor facility) – demand is growing for a large, multipurpose indoor space for recreation or cultural events
  • Defend and augment our playgrounds & green open spaces
  • Upgrade Alex Moore Park – to preserve its value to the community
  • Wheels park – skates, skateboards, and scooters are positive, challenging, creative and competitive and great for our young people to develop positively

Strategic Vision

  • A human heart for Johnsonville – within the are of the commercial centre we need public space – ie, that is not controlled by a corporate
  • Beautification – Local people want Johnsonville to look and feel nice
  • Preservation of history & heritage
  • Better motorway access – North Johnsonville – traffic congestion is caused by people from other suburbs travelling through Johnsonville
  • And LAST BUT NOT LEAST, WE NEED A COMMUNITY BOARD – because this is the most important suburban centre in the Wellington City area