Johnsonville Community Association’s largest ever project was the 2009-2013 Environment Court challenge to Wellington City Council’s plan to impose a Medium Density Residential Area (MDRA) residential zoning status on central Johnsonville.

This approach to land zoning would have had a negative effect on many aspects of the suburb’s amenities and community infrastructure. 

​In July 2014 we celebrated four major victories resulting from this challenge:

  1. Major concession to mitigate bad traffic and parking impacts
  2. Removal of a section of Middleton Rd, SH1 from MDRA (poor pedestrian access)
  3. Removal of the area East of SH1 from MDRA, (poor pedestrian access)
  4. A ‘Johnsonville Specific’ design guide as an appendix to the District Plan to ensure higher quality housing development

Read the Environment Court Decision here Environment Court decision 2013