JCA Hosting “Meet the Candidates” Events for Local Elections 2022

Throughout September, JCA is hosting three events for you to find out what the candidates for Wellington Mayor, City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council believe they can offer to take us into a vibrant future. Come along, or watch by YouTube live stream!


When: Saturday 10 September  7.30pm to 9:30pm

Where: Johnsonville Community Centre Hall



When: Wednesday 14 September 7.30pm to 9:30pm

Where: Johnsonville Community Centre  – Room 4



When: Saturday 17 September 7.30pm to 9:30pm

Where: Johnsonville Community Centre Hall


Live stream for Takapū/Northern Ward Candidates

Live stream for GWRC Pōneke/Wellington candidates

Live stream for Mayoral Candidates

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JCA Annual General Meeting 2022

The Johnsonville Community Association AGM will be held on Wednesday 27 July 7:30-9:00pm, as part of the monthly JCA meeting at Johnsonville Community Centre’s room 1. All Johnsonville and Raroa residents are welcome to attend.

The agenda is as follows:

Welcome JCA President


Minutes from 28 July 2021 AGM 

Matters Arising

  1. President’s report [Tony Randle]
  1. Annual Financial Statement, to 31 March 2022 [Larraine Talbot]
  1. Nominations for Officers and Committee
  1. Election of Officers and Committee Members 
  1. General Business
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Public Meeting on WCC Bike Plan, 2 February 2022

When: Wednesday 2 February 2022, 7:30pm

Where: Collective Community Hub, Johnsonville Road

The Johnsonville Community Association (JCA) and Johnsonville Business Group (JBG) are holding a public meeting to discuss the cycleway proposed for Johnsonville Road. The Wellington City Council (WCC)’s new Bike Plan includes adding a “Primary Bike Path” or cycleway along the length of Johnsonville Road. https://www.transportprojects.org.nz/current/bikenetwork/

The two groups are concerned that the road is unsafe and difficult for cyclists to negotiate. Johnsonville’s hilly topography and distance from the city also means that fewer than 2% of commuters cycle to work. This raises the question as to the cycleway’s priority ahead of improvements to other forms of public transport.

In addition, the groups believe that the plan to remove car parks along Johnsonville Road in favour of the new cycleway will negatively impact local businesses.

While consultation on the plan has closed, there will be oral submissions on 10 February. JCA and JBG will be asserting to WCC that, if the plan must go ahead, then Moorefield Road should continue to be treated as the preferred, safer option for a cycleway, rather than Johnsonville Road.

The public is invited to hear JCA outline the cycleway plan and discuss the issues. It will also be broadcast live via the JCA YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/XXq05lKj1bI

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JCA Submission on LGWM Mass Rapid Transit & Basin Reserve Exchange Proposal, December 2021

The latest phase of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) programme is looking at options for “mass rapid transit” in and across the city. These include new tunnels and light rail. https://hello.lgwm.nz/

View JCA’s submission on the various LGWM proposals and options here:

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JCA Submission on WCC Bike Network Plan, December 2021

To enable Wellington to develop a safe, healthy, sustainable transport system, WCC sought feedback on a plan to create a citywide network of connected bike and scooter routes in tandem with walking improvements and big public transport changes.

The plan updates the 2015 Cycling Masterplan and includes finishing Tahitai, the walking and biking connection around Evans Bay between Miramar and the central city, and The Parade upgrade in Island Bay. 


You can view JCA’s submission here:

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JCA Submission on WCC Draft District Plan, December 2021

The Draft District Plan is Wellington’s first fully revised planning rulebook in more than 20 years. https://planningforgrowth.wellington.govt.nz/district-plan-review

The plan deals with the major planning and environmental issues facing the city – including housing supply choice and affordability, protecting biodiversity, integrating growth and infrastructure, responding to climate change and managing the risk of natural hazards.

View JCA’s comprehensive submission to the draft submission here:

This submission and others will be evaluated in early 2022, with analysed details of the report and feedback published subsequently.

Draft District Plan
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JCA Submissions on WCC Initiatives: Having Our Say

Wellington City Council frequently seeks public feedback on major planning initiatives, to “help make effective and fair decisions”. Each initiative will impact the city and its people for decades to come- your daily commute, your home, and your living environment. https://wellington.govt.nz/have-your-say/consultations

JCA regularly makes submissions for many of these, featuring input from community members, and we also speak at public feedback sessions.

You can read some of JCA’s latest submissions here:

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Public Event: Building Community & Disaster Resilience and Personal Cyber Security (Wed 11 August 2021)

How can our community be better prepared to respond to natural disasters and other emergencies? And how can we secure our personal devices and home computers to prevent the loss of important information?

Come to the Collective Community Hub (1/33 Johnsonville Road) on Wednesday 11 August from 7:30-9:00pm to hear from two experts. The event will also be live-streamed on the JCA YouTube page. https://youtube.com/channel/UCmBkWhhukCPzp4_fYRtCXQw

Our first guest speaker is Rodney Barber, new President of the Newlands Paparangi Progressive Association (NPPA), who will talk about how NPPA is working to improve community and disaster resilience.

NPPA have recently launched a “Coordinated Community Enterprise” to enable residents to connect, build trust, and access resources to improve wellbeing and resilience, and speak with one voice in decision-making. There is more information on the NPPA website https://newlandsnz.weebly.com/

Our second speaker is Nadia Yousef, CERT NZ’s Incident Response Manager, who will outline practical steps we can all take to improve our individual and home cyber security.

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WCC Spatial Plan: Add Your Voice! (Or Ours…)

WCC Councillors vote tomorrow, 24 June 2021, on proposals for a Spatial Plan that will dramatically change the future shape of Johnsonville. A copy of the JCA presentation outlining our concerns and recommendations will soon be available here.

You are invited to use the words below in their entirety, amend them to suit your views, or free-form. Just let councillors know what you think!




Dear Councillor
I am concerned about the Wellington Spatial Plan proposals for Johnsonville.  It seems that council planning officers have not listened to residents’ submissions that some parts of the Johnsonville walking catchment are not going to work as intended under the plan.

The Johnsonville Community Association (JCA) has outlined a number of specific changes to the Spatial Plan Johnsonville Walking Catchment to ensure it is achievable:
1) Remove the three inaccessible areas to East of the motorway, on Middleton Road and up Woodland Road, from being rezoned from Type 1 Housing
2) Reduce the Metropolitan Walking Catchment from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, so residential areas far from public transport and town centre facilities are not rezoned.
3) Remove the rezoning of Type 1 housing to Type 2 housing in residential areas outside the 10-minute walking catchment for Johnsonville.

The JCA has also outlined some other requests to ensure the Spatial Plan will support the changes proposed for Johnsonville:
4) Add a requirement to complete a Future Demand and Capacity Assessment for the Johnsonville train line. We need to confirm it will cope with nearly 10,000 more residents.
5) Add a requirement to complete an Open Spaces and Play Park Spaces Assessment for a Johnsonville with thousands more residents. We need to understand there will be adequate places in Johnsonville where the children of future families living in apartments can play.

I support the JCA in their request that councillors amend the Spatial Plan as outlined above.  I ask you to support these changes to the final Wellington Spatial Plan by raising or voting for amendments that will make the above changes to the final Spatial Plan.

Regards etc.

[Your name]

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The Johnsonville train line is not “rapid transit”

From Tortoise to Hare in the Stroke of a Pen

The JCA supports the position expressed by fellow residents’ associations in this article.

JCA has also argued to both Greater Wellington and Wellington City councils that the Johnsonville train line does not comply with any recognised standard or definition of “rapid transit”.

To define the JVL line as rapid transit, in order to permit high-density residential development along the line, is cynical and misleading.

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