Recreation and Culture

Improve recreational cycle-way

With challenging geography and climate, Johnsonville could struggle to encourage recreational cycling economically unless it integrates with existing trail investments, thereby leveraging extra benefits from the sunk costs. Constructing a trail through existing trails (such as connecting with Ara Tawa at Takapau station)  offers a substantial cumulative advantages. Other new trail options to improve non-highway access south to the CBD will also be explored, as will as new walking /cycling trail through reserve land from Mclintock St to Broadmeadows.

Recreation centre (indoor facility)

The ‘Allgate Report’ commissioned by WCC in 1998 identified a strong need for indoor sports facilities in the Northern Suburbs. There has been some progress on this in Tawa, but there are no suitable facilities either close or accessible to Johnsonville residents. There is ongoing and increasing demand for a large, multipurpose indoor space suitable for recreation or cultural events, either within Johnsonville or very close nearby.

More and better playgrounds & green open spaces

We will aim to follow the principals laid out in the Northern Growth Management Strategy. Compared to other suburbs, Johnsonville’s population is getting denser, and its available green spaces are decreasing and less accessible. So will seek to ensure that this area will get more facilities where possible, and maximise quality in ways that are commensurate with local needs.

Upgrade Alex Moore Park

As demand for recreational space rises, Alex Moore Park is the jewel in Johnsonville’s recreational crown. As pressures on these fields rises (for playgrounds, parking, clubrooms and re-vegetation, etc.), we will work with WCC, sports clubs and commercial sponsors to preserve its value to the community.

Wheels park

Wheels parks (Skates, Skateboards, etc.)  represents the type of positive, challenging creative and competitive recreational infrastructure that we are obliged to provide if we wish our young people to develop positively. This is needed with increasing urgency since Johnsonville’s only youth facility was decommissioned.