Underground of all utilities (incl. cabling & broadband)

As intensification takes effect, urban Johnsonville is becoming more built-up, and airspace – the number of stories above ground level – is becoming more highly valued by developers and homeowners. JCA is working with the City Council and utilities companies to get gore cables underground rather than on streetside posts. We want to preserve our airspace for sunshine and tree canopies.

Integrated Public Transport

Local people want t be able to get to work easily, quickly and cheaper than driving. But many of Johnsonville’s public transport framework that does not work well enough to encourage more people to use it more often. A key element of our public transport service is the integrated, off-street train and bus hub in central Johnsonville that provides an excellent node at which residents can safely board, switch or leave PT, and carry out their daily shopping nearby. Johnsonville residents highly value this hub, and most consider it central, and critical, to other aspects of this Strategy (e.g., a town centre, integrated transport, etc.). But the plan Wellington City Council has approved for public transport vapourises the hub and puts all the buses on main streets either side of the new Mall design. This is wrong headed and it will produce bad results..

Enhanced park-and-ride services

Innovative Park-n-ride solutions are required if we are to maintain the liveability of Johnsonville, and avoid the perverse effect of driving commuters away from Public Transport altogether. Johnsonville’s position at the end of a commuter rail line, and alongside major shopping centre, places unique demands on commuter parking which overflows into our residential streets. Yet increasing population density, widening roads, and residential intensification is already increasing demands on parking in close-to-central streets.

More responsive street maintenance services

Local people have said again and again that basic road maintenance is slack. We are working with residents to ensure that issue reporting is prompt and appropriately directed. If issues remain we will engage with WCC and (if necessary) contractors, aiming to improve things.

Better services for senior citizens & youth

Demand is high for improved services for older citizens, and JCA will seek funding for an older persons services coordinator based out of the Johnsonville Community Centre.

Always a family suburb, recent census data confirms a bulge of primary age children is happening. This is a direct and predictable result of the intensification of housing (MDRA – Medium Density Residential Housing) in the Northern suburbs. Local people are despairing that there is not enough for to do for youngsters.