Strategic Vision

A human heart for Johnsonville

Johnsonville is – and always will be – a village. It’s a priority for us to keep this true. Public space is entirely lacking in the commercial centre, and purchase or swap of land could be central to resolving this issue. We engage with council, commercial & community groups to seek a coordinated solution.

Yarnbombed treeBeautification of Johnsonville

Local people want Johnsonville to look and feel nice. That’s an entirely reasonable expectation. Achievable by prioritising this simple objective, and having a few keen residents maintain focus on it. Every attempt will be made to maximise the potential of public greenspace, to improve what little public land we have. Beautification on public, residential and commercial land alike should be complimented by plantings to better off-set the effect of intensive re-development and restore indigenous biodiversity in the urban street settings.

Preservation of history & heritage

Working in partnership with Wellington City Council, Heritage NZ and local organisations to develop a set of high priority heritage sites that can be appropriately signposted to inform of their significance, opened to the public, or otherwise better preserved or presented for the benefit of local residents.

Better motorway access (North Johnsonville)

Most of Johnsonville’s traffic congestion is caused by people from other suburbs travelling through Johnsonville – not because they want to, but because they have no choice. Working with NZTA and WCC transport planners to provide that choice should reduce stress on Johnsonville roads & improve the liveability of Johnsonville to a significant degree.

A Community Board

The Johnsonville-Newlands community needs a Community Board because this is the most important suburban centre in the Wellington City area. With a Community Board, local people will have direct influence over Council policies and plans; and abiding connections between community groups and the Council. The establishment of a community board for the wider community (in partnership with NPPA and other related communities). Achieving this objective will indirectly help this strategy by improving representation & democracy in the region (devolving power back to the community), and is expected to directly assist with the achievement of all other Projects in this Strategy.  Ignoring the Northern Suburbs would no longer be easy for Council.