What is JCA up to, and why should you get involved?

Whether you want to actively participate with existing projects, start a new one, or just sit in and be involved, ALL Johnsonville residents are welcome to participate.

Projects on the go include;

  • Public Transport – representing the community in WCC and WRCs reviews an restructuring of PT services to Johnsonville.
  • Roading – The “Johnsonville Triangle” (Broderick/Morefield/Johnsonville Rd.) has been a major bottleneck, and a barrier to business and community development, for over two decades. We advocate to WCC to ensure adequate improvements are made in a timely manner.
  • Mall Upgrade – While politicians speak in support of this redevelopment, several WCC policies have made it economically impractical. JCA is working to overcome those issues, and allow this long-overdue mall redevelopment to occur.
  • Residential Intensification – WCC introduced MDRA to allow unprecedented intensification of central Johnsonville. JCA won significant concessions through our three-year environment court battle, but WCC planners have already exceeded what the new planning laws allowed. JCA has the expertise to help residents to protect your property rights and your interests.
  • Green-space – MDRA will put more pressure on Johnsonville’s limited green-space, and makes no provision for increasing these spaces. Recent efforts to expand the pool and improve Alex Moore Park facilities have reduced Johnsonville green-space & play areas considerably. As private green-space is slowly eliminated in central Johnsonville under new rules, increasing area and quality of green-space is critical if Johnsonville is to avoid becoming a low-cost housing “slum” in the future. JCA advocates strongly for improving our “Natural Capital.
  • Park redevelopment – JCA is entering into a “MoU” with WCC to build a walkway and improve biodiversity in Totara Park.
  • Community Survey and development of a 10 year plan for Johnsonville.

If you want to participate in any of these projects, or start a new project to improve the Johnsonville community or its environment, you should join us!!

JCA Meetings occur monthly, in the Johnsonville Community Center on Frankmore Road, at 7:30 pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month. EVERY member of the Johnsonville community РIndividuals, Ratepayers, Business owners & community groups Рbelong to the Johnsonville Community Association by right.. Join us & get involved!

Best Regards,

Graeme Sawyer,

Acting President, JCA

About JCA Secretary

JCA is the voice for Johnsonville and Raroa people: advocating for better public services; more native flora & recreation facilities; and improved community well-being. JCA is staffed by volunteers and supported by funding from Wellington City Council.
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