Get ready to deal with an emergency

Local lives can be saved and living made easier in the event of a civil defence emergency if local residents make ready now to use their skills and initiative.

That’s the key message JCA is hearing from Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO, previously known as Civil Defence).

The first thing to do following an emergency event is to check that your family and neighbours are okay: look after them first.

After that, we will all need to muck in rather than wait for official authorities to respond.

We can all think now about helping in the event of an emergency by making ourselves available to volunteer at a community hub if we’re able. Together with others at the hub, using pre-prepared resource material we’ll be able to get the ball rolling to begin checking the safety of those in the wider community and to co-ordinate further efforts.

For local residents, the relevant Community Emergency Hubs (formerly known as Civil Defence Centres) could be any of the following:

Local people, including JCA Committee member Penny Salmond, have been helping WREMO gather vital local information in comprehensive maps and documents relating to resources and local knowledge.

WREMO map of hubs

WREMO map of hubs

WREMO hosted a series of recent community meetings across Wellington recently to kick off this work so that Johnsonville locals will be able to access and make best use of local knowledge following any type of emergency. Penny says the meetings were energetically guided in a very friendly atmosphere and provided a very worthwhile ground-plan should a disaster beset us.

See for a comprehensive guide to the overall scheme. Although the Johnsonville resource map is still under production.

The whole website provides very valuable information and JCA recommends everyone reads it all if they wish to be prepared! The hand-out that arrived recently in our letterboxes is a very basic guide but also a good place to start.

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