WCC Spatial Plan: Add Your Voice! (Or Ours…)

WCC Councillors vote tomorrow, 24 June 2021, on proposals for a Spatial Plan that will dramatically change the future shape of Johnsonville. A copy of the JCA presentation outlining our concerns and recommendations will soon be available here.

You are invited to use the words below in their entirety, amend them to suit your views, or free-form. Just let councillors know what you think!




Dear Councillor
I am concerned about the Wellington Spatial Plan proposals for Johnsonville.  It seems that council planning officers have not listened to residents’ submissions that some parts of the Johnsonville walking catchment are not going to work as intended under the plan.

The Johnsonville Community Association (JCA) has outlined a number of specific changes to the Spatial Plan Johnsonville Walking Catchment to ensure it is achievable:
1) Remove the three inaccessible areas to East of the motorway, on Middleton Road and up Woodland Road, from being rezoned from Type 1 Housing
2) Reduce the Metropolitan Walking Catchment from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, so residential areas far from public transport and town centre facilities are not rezoned.
3) Remove the rezoning of Type 1 housing to Type 2 housing in residential areas outside the 10-minute walking catchment for Johnsonville.

The JCA has also outlined some other requests to ensure the Spatial Plan will support the changes proposed for Johnsonville:
4) Add a requirement to complete a Future Demand and Capacity Assessment for the Johnsonville train line. We need to confirm it will cope with nearly 10,000 more residents.
5) Add a requirement to complete an Open Spaces and Play Park Spaces Assessment for a Johnsonville with thousands more residents. We need to understand there will be adequate places in Johnsonville where the children of future families living in apartments can play.

I support the JCA in their request that councillors amend the Spatial Plan as outlined above.  I ask you to support these changes to the final Wellington Spatial Plan by raising or voting for amendments that will make the above changes to the final Spatial Plan.

Regards etc.

[Your name]

About JCA Secretary

JCA is the voice for Johnsonville and Raroa people: advocating for better public services; more native flora & recreation facilities; and improved community well-being. JCA is staffed by volunteers and supported by funding from Wellington City Council.
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