JCA Submission on WCC Draft District Plan, December 2021

The Draft District Plan is Wellington’s first fully revised planning rulebook in more than 20 years. https://planningforgrowth.wellington.govt.nz/district-plan-review

The plan deals with the major planning and environmental issues facing the city – including housing supply choice and affordability, protecting biodiversity, integrating growth and infrastructure, responding to climate change and managing the risk of natural hazards.

View JCA’s comprehensive submission to the draft submission here:

This submission and others will be evaluated in early 2022, with analysed details of the report and feedback published subsequently.

Draft District Plan

About JCA Secretary

JCA is the voice for Johnsonville and Raroa people: advocating for better public services; more native flora & recreation facilities; and improved community well-being. JCA is staffed by volunteers and supported by funding from Wellington City Council.
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