JCA submission on WCC Urban Growth Plan

WCC released its Urban Growth Plan for consultation in September 2014.

After the shambolic mess that was WCCs District Plan Change 72, where WCC earmarked areas for “intensification” in outer suburbs that were massively at odds with what residents wanted, and in conflict with where (and how) people in Wellington actually wish to live.

Since MDRA has been bestowed on Johnsonville, our greenspace area have plummeted, and WCC has built car-parking on a large swath of Johnsonville green-space.

As at October, No “Medium Density” dwellings have been built in Johnsonville within the “MDRA” zone.

So JCA had a great deal to contribute on the subject!  JCAs 10 page submission is available below.

The Wellington city Council growth forecasting comes in for significant criticism: Planning decisions for the next three decades will be based on this plan, yet the plan itself is based on growth projections that we see as being highly questionable.

As the only outer suburb re-zoned for high density residential redevelopment, the livability of Johnsonville is at severe risk from a “MDRA” planning regime that encourages dramatic levels of intensification, yet makes no provision for extra greenspace to offset this higher and much denser population.

We view then Urban Growth Plan as lacking the basic protections for the “livability” of a suburb altready home to ten thousand Wellingonians

JCA submission on WCC Urban Growth Plan

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