JCA Ten-Year Strategy

10 Year Plan Top 20Thanks to those who took the time to attend the November 2014 launch of the Johnsonville & Raroa community 10 year strategy or to speak to us in the mall – and a big thanks to those who have indicated their interest in being involved in making the 20 projects in the strategy a reality.

The 10 year strategy was developed based on your responses to the Johnsonville Community Association (JCA) survey carried out in mid 2014.

The intention of the survey was to find out what local residents wanted prioritized in our community, in order to provide guidance and direction to JCA’s efforts to make Johnsonville/Raroa a better place to live and work.

The  survey was conducted, and the responses analysed, by an independent firm. based on the survey results, a JCA committee determined the 20 most important issues for the coming decade for the local community. these 20 issues, 5 in each of 4 over-arching categories , were presented back to the community at a launch at the Johnsonville community centre on 28th November 2014 and also publicised on 29th November in the Johnsonville mall.

The 4 categories are: built environment, services, recreational/culture and strategic. the 20 projects are set out in the 10 year strategy – you can view a full copy of the strategy in the downloads section of this website.

This is a community-driven 10 year strategy for our suburb and the individual projects undertaken will encourage, indeed require, the wider Johnsonville & Raroa community to be involved in their implementation.

The Johnsonville & raroa community strategy will help jca to prioritise developments and lobby local & central government to ensure the community’s priority issues come to pass.

All community groups & wcc will be able to use this plan to help prioritise and promote the advancement of infrastructure and “liveability” of Johnsonville and Raroa

Now what? now, jca is forming 20 project teams, one for each of the 20 objectives identified in the strategy. each project team will be coordinated within the four key areas (built environment, services, recreational and strategic) and each are beginning to develop their project plans.

Rome was not built in a day, and as a 10 year plan, we don’t expect these projects to be completed overnight either, but several of these projects already have significant progress.

We  need you: if you ever wanted to be a part of ‘something’ to improve you suburb, this is your big chance! We  are all volinteers, and many hands make light work: please contact JCA on jcainc2@gmail.com  and tell us that you want to be involved, and we’ll welcome your help to make it happen!!


The Johnsonville community Association Ten-Year Strategy outlines a strategic plan covering the community development of Johnsonville & Raroa over the next ten years. You can download it here:

Johnsonville Strategic Plan November 2014

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