LGWM Plan for Johnsonville – Remove Car Parking for Cycleways

Darren Bottin, President of the Johnsonville Community Association (JCA) is asking the community for feedback on Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) proposals to remove most of the roadside public car parks around Johnsonville so protected cycleway lanes can be installed.

He says the JCA is very disappointed that LGWM did not talk to locals about the transport issues we really face before putting these proposals out for public consultation.

Johnsonville already has had cycleways on our roads since 2013. Our research shows there have only been 6 reported cycling accidents since then and not one of these accidents occurred on the roading where LGWM wants to remove car parks for protected cycleways.

The JCA believes the real traffic safety problem is pedestrian accidents.  Johnsonville has had more than 20 reported pedestrian accidents since 2013 on the same roads that LGWM want to make safe for cyclists. We think attention should be on this serious issue yet measures such as signalised pedestrian crossings on Moorefield Road are not even proposed.

The JCA supports safe walking and cycling along with better public transport access to/from and through Johnsonville. But the JCA also considers that it is unfair and unnecessary to remove access, including mobility car parks, to Johnsonville shops and facilities for the many residents who need to park close to them.

For this reason, the JCA wants residents to submit their view on the proposals to remove car parks in order to promote cycling to the LGWM Johnsonville and Ngā Ūranga Project. You can submit using:

  • An electronic version of the JCA Submission Form at: http://tiny.cc/gg91vz
  • A paper JCA Submission Form which can be found in the Independent Herald newspaper, and submission forms are available from Nada Bakery and many other businesses on Johnsonville Road.

Submissions need to be sent in by midnight on 4th December 2022. They will then be considered by Let’s Get Wellington Moving as part of their consultation process and results will be published in the next few months.

The JCA and LGWM would really love to hear from you. Please complete a submission.

About JCA Secretary

JCA is the voice for Johnsonville and Raroa people: advocating for better public services; more native flora & recreation facilities; and improved community well-being. JCA is staffed by volunteers and supported by funding from Wellington City Council.
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1 Response to LGWM Plan for Johnsonville – Remove Car Parking for Cycleways

  1. Annie Van Herck says:

    Hi. I am 70 and cannot ride a bike. Public transport is unreliable and not convenient for shopping. I rely on my car to go places and do my shopping. So taking away carparks is only going to make things more difficult for me. I used to cycle and am quite in favour of cycleways, but not at the cost of carparks. Or else a several storey parking building has to be built, maybe where the Countdown carpark is. I notice that in the new residential areas that are being developed around Johnsonville, no cycleways are being provided. It would be so much better to plan for cycleways right at the start, not years later as an afterthought.


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