Totara Park walkway & replanting picks up pace


Map Totara Park proposed trackroute

Map Totara Park proposed trackroute

On 4 March, Penny Salmond & Graeme Sawyer from JCA accompanied Anita Benbrook, WCCs Restoration Technical Advisor and native Forrest expert, on a wander through the Totara Park, roughly on the same route as the proposed new walking track through the park will follow (see accompanying image of map with walkway route). Anita surveyed the native plant species present, and while there were a few pleasant surprises in terms of species diversity, it came as no shock to anyone that none of the “original” canopy species native to the area were present at all, as seed stock for Tawa, Hinay, Rimu, Rata and Totara are just to distant for “natural” dispersal to reach the area.

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Application for new Johnsonville-Newlands Community Board

Press Release – Date: 5/11/2015

Community groups call on residents of Paparangi, Woodridge Newlands, and Johnsonville to “Sign Your Support” to establish a new Community Board.

Two Northern Wellington Residents groups (JCA and NPPA) today announced the launch of a campaign to attract 2000 signatures in support of an application to formally establish a new Johnsonville-Newlands Community Board.

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Trees native to Johnsonville

A List!

If you have ever wondered what species were here before our version of Jebidiah Springfield obliterated them all in the late 1840s, here it is!

Mature rimu trees in Karapoti Gorge

Mature rimu trees in Karapoti Gorge

Not an exhaustive list, but for 99.99% of us, as close as you will ever need. Please re-plant your patch of suburban paradise with these plants – and please use eco sourced varieties, to maintain the strength of wellingtons adapted varieties!

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Alex Moore Park all-weather pitch nice BUT what about the parking and roads?

1431307614-Alex+Moore+carparking+-+new,+Proposed,+and+alternative+to+proposed+44+spaces.JPG-scaled (1)Plans for the New Alex Moore Park all-weather pitch are being marred by WCC under-investment in roads and car parks.

Alex Moore Park is receiving a new all-weather playing field. This pitch will be operational before this winter. Great news! …or is it??

WCC’s contribution to the supporting infrastructure – or lack of it – appears to be set to throw this promising new baby out with the bathwater…..

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JCA submission on WCC Long Term Plan

WCC plans and Policies are the major vehicle whereby citizens can comment on and influence WCC Policies.

JCA takes a “whole of suburb” view on how these plans and policies affects Johnsonville, and we submit on behalf of the people of Johnsonville on matters that affect us all.

This is important because:

  1. Johnsonville has been singled out for urban intensification via medium density residential area zoning, JCA feels that WCC must significantly invest in Johnsonville to ensure that Johnsonville is first attractive to redevelopment (from a quality of life perspective), and
  2. Johnsonville should be equipped to cope with the massive population growth that MDRA and other Northern Growth Spine developments are set to bring to Johnsonville and its “satellite’ communities. The LTP is a critical key strategy document, and a critical element of WCCs long term budgeting priorities.
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JCA Ten-Year Strategy

10 Year Plan Top 20Thanks to those who took the time to attend the November 2014 launch of the Johnsonville & Raroa community 10 year strategy or to speak to us in the mall – and a big thanks to those who have indicated their interest in being involved in making the 20 projects in the strategy a reality.

The 10 year strategy was developed based on your responses to the Johnsonville Community Association (JCA) survey carried out in mid 2014.

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JCA submission on WCC Urban Growth Plan

WCC released its Urban Growth Plan for consultation in September 2014.

After the shambolic mess that was WCCs District Plan Change 72, where WCC earmarked areas for “intensification” in outer suburbs that were massively at odds with what residents wanted, and in conflict with where (and how) people in Wellington actually wish to live.

Since MDRA has been bestowed on Johnsonville, our greenspace area have plummeted, and WCC has built car-parking on a large swath of Johnsonville green-space.

As at October, No “Medium Density” dwellings have been built in Johnsonville within the “MDRA” zone.

So JCA had a great deal to contribute on the subject!  JCAs 10 page submission is available below.

The Wellington city Council growth forecasting comes in for significant criticism: Planning decisions for the next three decades will be based on this plan, yet the plan itself is based on growth projections that we see as being highly questionable.

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