November 2017 meeting – shonky consents, social action, and pipes for poop

Johnsonville Residents are invited to attend the monthly meeting of the Johnsonville Community Association, beginning at the earlier time of 7pm on Wednesday 29 November at the Johnsonville Community Centre.

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Do you love the smell of diesel in the morning?

building site

Most of our ‘Northern Suburbs” homes are zoned “outer residential”.

Sounds innocuous, right?


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Election 2017: Meet the Ohariu Candidates!

Mark your diaries: Wednesday 30 August is the date for the JCA-hosted Meet the Candidates meeting for Ohariu Electorate candidates seeking your votes in the 2017 general election.

A 'town hall' style meeting in Johnsonville Community CentreThis is your chance to meet the candidates in person, kanohi ki te kanohi,  to test their mettle yourself, to hear :

  • Why they want the job
  • What they want to achieve for local people over the next 3 years
  • How they plan to stay grounded in the electorate and connected with local people

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Kindergarten over Community Garden?

Wanaka Street parkWellington City Council proposes to move a kindergarten onto a hard-won and scarce public community garden in Johnsonville.

Wanaka Street gardens is a public park created by the sheer determination of a past Johnsonville residents group. 25 years ago. The City Council wanted to sell the land to developers, but residents protested and eventually won – the tiny park became central Johnsonville’s only community garden space.

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They’re taking away our Public Transport Hub

Johnsonville Mall

Johnsonville Mall

Last month, Wellington City Council approved the consent for redevelopment of Johnsonville Mall.

JCA applauds the potential improvement in retail facilities, as local people have been crying out for this for decades.

However, with the honey, the Council is also making us eat scraps.

They’re taking our integrated, off-street public transport hub away from us.

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New Matangi Trains – nice but let’s do more

New Matangi Trains

Matangi train

Matangi train

Some laud Johnsonville for its Public transport options and services, but there are several threats to Public Transport services that most residents are unaware of.

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Whither Johnsonville Youth? 3 issues

A recent story in the Dominion Post asks whether Johnsonville’s young people are being adequately served by WCC? JCA says no:

“For the City Council, ignoring the needs of Johnsonville youth is easy as 1-2-3.”

Johnsonville has the highest population of young people of any suburb in Wellington, yet it’s services and infrastructure for Youth are in the process of being systematically demolished.

The City Council has plunged its collective head in the sand over the needs of local youth.

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Totara Park walkway & replanting picks up pace


Map Totara Park proposed trackroute

Map Totara Park proposed trackroute

On 4 March, Penny Salmond & Graeme Sawyer from JCA accompanied Anita Benbrook, WCCs Restoration Technical Advisor and native Forrest expert, on a wander through the Totara Park, roughly on the same route as the proposed new walking track through the park will follow (see accompanying image of map with walkway route). Anita surveyed the native plant species present, and while there were a few pleasant surprises in terms of species diversity, it came as no shock to anyone that none of the “original” canopy species native to the area were present at all, as seed stock for Tawa, Hinay, Rimu, Rata and Totara are just to distant for “natural” dispersal to reach the area.

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Application for new Johnsonville-Newlands Community Board

Press Release – Date: 5/11/2015

Community groups call on residents of Paparangi, Woodridge Newlands, and Johnsonville to “Sign Your Support” to establish a new Community Board.

Two Northern Wellington Residents groups (JCA and NPPA) today announced the launch of a campaign to attract 2000 signatures in support of an application to formally establish a new Johnsonville-Newlands Community Board.

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Trees native to Johnsonville

A List!

If you have ever wondered what species were here before our version of Jebidiah Springfield obliterated them all in the late 1840s, here it is!

Mature rimu trees in Karapoti Gorge

Mature rimu trees in Karapoti Gorge

Not an exhaustive list, but for 99.99% of us, as close as you will ever need. Please re-plant your patch of suburban paradise with these plants – and please use eco sourced varieties, to maintain the strength of wellingtons adapted varieties!

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