JCA submission on WCC Long Term Plan

WCC plans and Policies are the major vehicle whereby citizens can comment on and influence WCC Policies.

JCA takes a “whole of suburb” view on how these plans and policies affects Johnsonville, and we submit on behalf of the people of Johnsonville on matters that affect us all.

This is important because:

  1. Johnsonville has been singled out for urban intensification via medium density residential area zoning, JCA feels that WCC must significantly invest in Johnsonville to ensure that Johnsonville is first attractive to redevelopment (from a quality of life perspective), and
  2. Johnsonville should be equipped to cope with the massive population growth that MDRA and other Northern Growth Spine developments are set to bring to Johnsonville and its “satellite’ communities. The LTP is a critical key strategy document, and a critical element of WCCs long term budgeting priorities.
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