JCA on Wellington City Council’s Traffic Resolutions – Parking and fee changes

Johnsonville Community Association has made a submission on Wellington City Council’s Annual Plan, focusing on car parking. JCA says to WCC:

  1. Don’t increase charges for public carpark spaces
  2. Require property developers to provide sufficient private parking for all units
  3. Return falsely-labelled “bus stops” to community use.

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Urgent need for youth recreational facilities in Johnsonville

There is an urgent need to ensure the Northern suburbs continue to be a great place for families to raise good kids. Wellington City Council needs to stop its erosion of public recreational space in Johnsonville, beginning with 2 immediate recommended actions:

  1. Replace Johnsonville’s only remaining dedicated Youth facility, the basketball half-court in Johnsonville, which Council demolished to make way for the new Library
  2. Re-prioritise building of a new major Playground in Johnsonville West.

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JCA to Mall owners: Develop or sell

Today’s DomPost provides an update on the Johnsonville Mall situation.

The Big News is … there is no update. Mall owner Stride Properties says it may or may not provide news about it’s plans for the Johnsonville central business district in the middle of 2019.

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NZ Post plan to replace Post Shop with franchise


JCA is calling on every local business owner to stand with the rest of the business community and with local residents, and refuse to do a franchise deal with NZ Post.

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Get ready to deal with an emergency

Local lives can be saved and living made easier in the event of a civil defence emergency if local residents make ready now to use their skills and initiative.

That’s the key message JCA is hearing from Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO, previously known as Civil Defence).

The first thing to do following an emergency event is to check that your family and neighbours are okay: look after them first.

After that, we will all need to muck in rather than wait for official authorities to respond.

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Surprise guest for JCA June meeting

A surprise guest will be in attendance at JCA’s June meeting, and everyone from Johnsonville, Raroa, and bordering areas is invited to meet them.

JCA is sworn to secrecy about the guest; all we can say is our guest is probably going to have an effect on every family in the area. (There really will be a surprise guest, no mucking you around!)

The June meeting of JCA will be held at Johnsonville Community Centre (Room 1), Frankmore Avenue, at 7:30pm on Wednesday 27 June 2018.

Main points on the agenda:

  • The AGM — we aim to get this done smartly. We’ll have info about how the year has gone, priorities for the year ahead, a very brief briefing on finance, and a couple of minor constitution changes. See below for relevant supporting documents.
  • Some light refreshments
  • One of Wellington's new Euro 6 efficient diesel double-deckers

    Big changes for northern suburbs buses – current issues and future prospects for local people. Presentation and Q&A by Greater Wellington Councillor Daran Ponter and Tranzit Transport and Operations Director Kevin Snelgrove.

  • Cyclists and pedestrians – is it safe for them to share pathways?

Supporting documents for the AGM:AGM 2018 Public Notice

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What to do with your Newlands bus card

Are you one of the thousands of locals wondering how to get your fare balance AND $10 deposit back on your Newlands bus card when becomes useless on 15 July?

Long story short: JCA recommends: Go in person with your card to the Newlands Bus office. Greater Wellington Regional Council has promised Newlands Coach Services will pay you your remaining fare balance and $10 deposit when you hand over your card.

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Come to the JCA May 2018 meeting

J-villers* are invited to the May meeting of JCA – 7:30pm to 9pm on Wednesday 30 may 2018 at Johnsonville Community Centre.

On the agenda this month:

  • Jville underpassProject to improve (and even beautify!!) the underpass southbound entrance to the Ngauranga Gorge road. Look at it: right now, it’s ugly, dark, and dangerous. It should be nice, bright and safe! 
  • Restoring WCC provision of Youth Facilities in Johnsonville. Wellington city Council has demolished the only two dedicated facilities for youth in Johnsonville — the Youth Room in the Community Centre, and the basketball court that backed onto the Keith Spry pool, What can we do to persuade Council to make good? One of our local councillors, Jill Day, may like to comment?

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Totara Park Grubbers’ Club this weekend!

We are all on for another track build session on this Saturday 3 March from 1 to 3 pm.

You will be impressed with the progress!

totara park

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